WiRED Congratulates Certificate Program Graduates
in Festive Ceremony in Kenya




WiRED Certificate Class of 2017. Kisumu, Kenya.

ouble the number, multiply the benefit for community health! This year WiRED International celebrated a 130-member class that graduated from its Certificate Program in Kenya — double the number of graduates from last year. In contrast, WiRED graduated just 17 people when the organization ran its first Certificate Program in 2012 at the Faye F. and Sheldon S. Cohen Community Health Information Center in Pandipieri and the Obunga Community Health Information Center, both in Kisumu, Kenya.


People earning certificates came from all walks of life: medical students, teachers, community health workers, nurses, lab technicians, general members of the community with a keen interest in advancing their understanding of human health. Graduates studied at WiRED’s facilities in Kisumu as they prepared for detailed final exams. Nine people earned the highest level of Platinum. One busy health worker studied WiRED’s modules online, then once each week came to the Pandipieri Center to take the supervised final exam in order to qualify for a certificate.


Platinum Certificate Recipients, Kisumu, 2017.

The award ceremony was a great celebration involving chanting and singing, hand clapping and cheers. Many certificate earners brought their family members who joined in the celebration.


The ceremony began with an introduction and speeches. Next, as each name was called, the graduates walked to the podium to receive their certificates, which took nearly an hour because of the number of earners and the audience applause. Each graduate shook hands with a half dozen presenters, and the ceremony concluded with a prayer for the health of the community. Afterwards, the graduates and attendees enjoyed typical Kenyan refreshments, including mandazis (a form of fried bread also known as Swahili buns or Swahili doughnuts) and smokies (beef sausages).


After the event, WiRED Director Gary Selnow, Ph.D., said, “For me, this a genuinely encouraging step toward WiRED’s goal to increase the number of people in a community who have a firm understanding of basic health issues. The entire community benefits when sizable numbers know healthy practices and understand illness prevention.”



The WiRED Certificate Program


The WiRED Certificate Program encourages community members to study a given module in its Health Learning Center e-library, and, when they’re ready, to take a test on the material. To qualify, they must pass with an 85% mark or better. Certificates are not offered as accreditation; their purpose is to confirm successful completion of the training programs. The certificates recognize an accomplishment.


WiRED’s health library offers modules on topics such as disease prevention, nutrition, basic anatomy, maternal and child health, sanitation, hygiene and water purification. Although many people are already motivated to visit the centers to learn about prevention or a specific illness, the certificate program provides an extra incentive to study about a wide variety of health issues.


Four certificate levels are provided, and each represents the successful completion of an increasing number of modules:

  • Bronze — 5 modules
  • Silver — 15 modules
  • Gold — 25 modules
  • Platinum — 40 modules



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